Twitchy News

The latest development in Twitchville:

She dances figure eights around my ankles shouting, “Twitchy up! Twitchy up!” So I pick her up. She presses her warm, soft body against my chest, sometimes rubs the back of her head on my neck or turns to look at me and we touch noses. All the while she purrs.

Then instinct kicks in and she starts to squirm. “Twitchy down! Twitchy down!” she shouts. So I put her down.

Moments later, she starts doing the ankle dance again.

Twitchy down!
Twitchy down! Twitchy down!

5 thoughts on “Twitchy News”

    1. Thanks, Mrs C. I’ve lived with cats most of my life but have never tried to tame a feral one before. It’s been an adventure for all of us.

    1. Understandable, what with the allergies, etc. And she’s been a challenge, but at least I feel confident that she’d solve the rat problem…if we had one.

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