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Meditation cat says…


…sometimes it’s best to let Twitchy steal a bite of your sandwich.


She will pay you back with cuddles and purrs or she will bite your nose and blow fish breath in your face.

Not knowing which is one of the joys of life and one of the things that guarantees the sun will rise in the morning, it will rain if you forget your umbrella, the unusual thing you wanted will be available at the import store and you will misplace your favorite pen.

It is the good and the bad, the yin and the yang, that make life a mystical journey. If every day was rainbows and unicorns we would quickly learn to pass them by like strangers on the street, sneering and snarling our grouchy way through our days.

So smile at your knotted shoelace, your cracked tea cup, your broken fingernail, the cat hair in your coffee. These things can be retied, repaired, regrown, removed…or not. But they are also not the end of the world and the rainbows and unicorns will return when they’re good and ready.