One Day

As Xavier and Zoe finished eating their barbecued ribs, they wiped their mouths on flimsy paper napkins and each let off a satisfied sigh. Both of them had anticipated the meal for days as neither had been to Moe’s Ribs and Steaks, either together or alone, since high school. Chocolate cake with ice cream seemed called for and the perfect end to a perfect meal.
During the drive home, Zoe asked Xavier, “Do you ever see yourself moving back here?”
“Eventually,” was his reply. “Familiarity has a lot to say for itself.”
“Geez, I never could,” replied Zoe. “Here is not what I think of when I think of home. I’d rather live on a pig farm and spend my days scaling fish.”
Just as they reached the drive leading to Zoe’s parent’s house, a dog darted in front of their car. Killing it was not what Xavier had in mind, so he hit the brakes. Little stars danced in Zoe’s eyes as her forehead hit the dashboard.
“Monkey poo!” shouted Xavier.
“Nice one, Xavier,” said Zoe. “Open the door for me, would you?”
Pressing the button to release his seat belt, Xavier reached across to release Zoe’s. Quickly sensing that she had worked herself into a bad mood, he hurried to open her door.
“Ring the doorbell; I forgot my key,” said Zoe.
Something told Xavier that he was not going to get a good night kiss.
“The funeral is at 10:00, so pick me up at 9:30. Uncle Frank will be angry if we’re late,” said Zoe.
“Vestal virgins will not deter me from fulfilling my lady’s command,” said Xavier, bowing gracefully. Wry is an unduly mild description of the look on Zoe’s face.
“Xavier, why do you always have to be such a clown?”
“You have that effect on me, I guess,” said a nonchalant Xavier. “Zoe, you could bring out the clown in a supreme court justice.”

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