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141218_1255~01Glory be, Sangenjaya finally has a Mexican restaurant…kind of. It’s actually Ryukyu (Okinawa) Mexican, and it took some head scratching to figure out why. For one thing, they have taco rice, which is rice with taco fillings on it, a dish which originated in Okinawa. Also, the lunch set includes coffee, oolong tea or sanpincha. I had to ask–that’s jasmine tea in Ryukyuese. And the fajitas came with the usual onions and peppers but also some bean sprouts tossed in. Oddly, though, the tortilla warmer was made in the good old USA. I didn’t think anything but bad movies and junk food came from there anymore.

The waiter asked me how it was and I smiled and said it was very nice. “There’s fresh coriander in the salsa, isn’t there? Very nice indeed.” A moment later he came back from the kitchen with a small bowl of chopped coriander for me. And when we paid the bill, they’d knocked 300yen off the cost of my chimichonga, no explanation given.

I guess it’s true that a smile goes a long way.

The Dalai Lama said happiness isn’t about pleasure; it’s about satisfaction. I’m satisfied, so I’m sending ripples of happiness into the universe. Please feel free to grab one. I can always make more.