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No, Thanks

I went to the pet store today to buy cat food and, of course, to look at the kittens. They usually have a pretty good selection of designer breeds, generally in the neighborhood of $1500. But today they had this, a Scottish Fold with very unusual coloring.


She was practically a clone of Little Guy, right down to the liquid eyes and stolen tail. I was shocked. One of the things that make both Twitchy and Little Guy so special is that only the Goddess could have created their unique coloring. I have to admit to feeling a bit betrayed. But then I noticed the price tag on the little charmer.


Yup, with tax she’s 375,840yen. That’s a bit over $3000 at today’s exchange rate, two months’ rent for me, nearly the cost of my vacation in Bali last year, enough to buy more than 4500 bottles of my favorite Italian wine.

Little Guy only cost me a train ticket to Nihombashi, which was about $6.

Oh my.

I can just see the Goddess rolling on the floor laughing so hard she wets herself.

The only designer cats that will ever enter my home are this American Shorthair and Russian Blue, but these are evil ghost cats and therefore funny, not innocent victims of some puppy and kitten mill.

(Thanks, Jonelle.)




After gifting him liquid brown eyes tinted with gold, The Goddess contemplated the pure white canvas that was Little Guy’s body. Then a Mona Lisa smile sneaked into the corners of her mouth. She picked up her charcoal and quickly sketched in a Batman mask, which she extended over his forehead and part way up his ears. Starting to enjoy herself, she snatched the tail off a passing tabby and replaced his with it. She started to giggle as she picked up her brush and gave him a tiny dab of gray on his left shoulder, then another near the base of his spine. She couldn’t resist adding a full sized splotch of color on his right knee, but then hesitated.FullSizeRender

She sat back and contemplated what she had done. The smile grew as she took a sip of her coffee, licked the tip of her finger, and gently drew it across his testicles, leaving them a cafe au lait island in a sea of white.

“The unexpected is its own perfection,” she thought. “It is why we try new foods, travel to unknown places, see what’s around the corner. It is the life blood of existence. You’re welcome, Universe. Believe me that the world is a better place with Little Guy in it.”