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Only in Japan

One of Japan’s ever-so-clever solutions to never having enough space for things is the parking elevator. There are two more parking spaces UNDER this car, and this gizmo is the elevator control.


I sat on a bench today and watched a man drive his car out of the lowest of the three, then return to the gizmo and lower the top level back down to ground level. It was pretty cool.

Then the man got in his car and started to drive away.

He left his keys in the gizmo.

I thought about running after his car yelling and waving my arms, but then wondered how long it would take someone to call the police and report the lunatic foreign lady terrorizing the neighborhood.

Then I realized nobody would steal the keys anyway. What possible use would they be to someone who wasn’t renting one of those parking spaces?

The US is the only place I know of where theft is about taking stuff rather than needing stuff.

While I was lost in that reverie, I heard someone call, “Eda!” and looked up to see a woman in a lovely white silk kimono. It took me a minute to register Nakamura-san from the dojo. I’m used to seeing her in sweats.

When I passed by again an hour later, the keys were still there.

The balance between the expected and the unexpected is one of the things that give life its spice.

Fashion, is it?

Today I saw a boy wearing his jeans so low they were practically around his knees. I really can’t understand why anybody would pursue such an unattractive look in the first place. More so here where people tend to be long in the torso and short in the legs. The low-slung pants make the legs look even shorter. The boy I saw looked like he was hobbling along on little stumps. Such silliness really undercuts the typical teenaged sneer.

Girls, on the other hand, are going for high heels with black tights and mini skirts or short shorts, which combination greatly lengthens the legs.

The problem arises when said¬† boy and said girl are walking along together.¬† It looks so odd when she’s doing the Julia Roberts Stride and he’s doing the Hobbit Hobble. The only thing weirder is when said boy is walking along with a girl all done up in kimono, but that usually only happens around Adults Day, so one can make arrangements to stay home.

P.S. Many (relatively) small earthquakes these days. It’s terribly unnerving.