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Homeful Strays

I had some time to kill the other day. The weather was pleasant, cool enough in the shade, and there was a nice breeze, so I sat on a bench in a park. There were lots of trees and a large fake waterfall that provided background music. It was hard to believe that I was just down the street from the skyscraper district in Shinjuku.

PENTAX DIGITAL CAMERAThe district includes the Tokyo Metropolitan Government building, which looks like a giant transformer robot stuck head first into the ground. There are other tall office buildings, including the 55 story Mitsui building where I work, and the Hilton and Keio Plaza Hotels.

Not far from where I was sitting, there was a homeless person’s abode.

PENTAX DIGITAL CAMERAIt appeared to be a wooden or metal frame lifted up off the ground and covered with blue plastic tarps. Next to it was a wheeled cart with a large wooden box on it, also covered with plastic tarps secured with bungees. On top of the box was an open umbrella propped in place with a stone, and under the umbrella was a sleeping cat.

The abode seemed to be fairly sturdy and not all that temporary, so would this qualify the owner as homeless or homeful? And was it a stray cat living with a homeless person, or a homeful cat living with a stray person?