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White Day

Somehow, Valentine’s Day got kind of twisted around in Japan and became a tradition of women giving men goodies either out of affection or obligation, which is ironic, because most Japanese men prefer beer to sweets and these presents end up being passed on to wives or girlfriends.

So anyway, a confectionery industry association dreamed up the concept of White Day, whereby, on March14th, men are supposed to give women presents in return.

From the guys at work.
Chocolates from the guys at work.

It does seem that they could have come up with a better name for it, though. White Day? That’s the best they could do? Why not Rainbow Day? Or Pink Polka Dot Day? Or Amazing Multicolored Celebration of All Things Female Day? Or Thanks for Wearing That Mini Skirt It Made My Day?

Come on, guys. Loosen the purse strings and hire a proper copywriter.

I’m available, by the way.