Yes, I know. It’s been at least two blog posts since I mentioned the cats. Due to the many submissions to the bitter complaints department, I offer my profound apologies. Herein is an update on the feline invasion chez Mouse.

Grumpy Twitch

The matriarch of our little menagerie, Twitchy was whippet-thin and pointy when she first came to us, all skin and bones and well-toned muscle. This past winter, she often smelled of soy sauce. Now she smells like my grandmother’s afghan, warm and soft and knitted with 100% love. She recently swallowed a rugby ball, the only possible explanation for her current proportions. As you can see, she is ever-so-pleased about the new kitten and is making every effort to be warm and welcoming.


Seemingly over night, Monkey Boy went from adorable puffball to elegant young man. When he and Little Man are not racing around seemingly ripping each other to bits, he drapes his shapely body over furniture, his eyes reflecting the wisdom of the centuries and his snow-white fur smelling of watermelon. While he still neither purrs nor meows, he does squeak. We have concluded that he must have swallowed a live mouse. A mouse in Tokyo. Oh, dear.


Little Man is still looking for a name. In the meantime, we have determined that the size of his ears, eyes and paws can only be explained by the swallowing of a fox, a lemur and a couple of bear cubs. When I pick him up and bury my nose in his baby-soft fur, I feel his tiny ribs and pounding heart press against my open palm and a starburst of happiness explodes inside my belly. Then he twists and wiggles until he is released, impatient to discover what the future holds in store for him, or at least what might be hiding behind the curtain.

It’s funny how human cats can be. This morning, the boys were upstairs chasing each other and Twitchy started dancing around the kitchen, playing with a toy mouse. It’s as if she didn’t want them to know that she wanted to play, too. Many people think cats are standoffish and aloof, but I think they grasp the concept of cool. I’m down with that, as long as she doesn’t ask for a tattoo or a nose piercing.


Any opinions about that? I love to hear from you.

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