Exploding Kitten

Ha, ha! I think I’ll call my friends in Zimbabwe.

After a few days of shyness (or terror, take your pick), we have entered the exploding kitten phase. This happens when Little Guy experiences a sudden burst of energy so intense that it sends him flying up curtains, careening off walls and knocking over anything that gets in his way. This is caused by the spaz-o-kat hormone which kicks in at this stage. Not even the most powerful tranquilizer can undo its effects. It’s like he has chugged 27 cups of coffee followed by a couple of toots of cocaine, a Snickers bar and several large lollipops. All we can do is let it run its course until the fire burns out and he falls into a deep and lasting sleep a la Snow White, although, ironically, he himself is the handsome prince.

Twitch is unimpressed and looks on with extreme disapproval.

Harrumph. The things I have to put up with!

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