I’ve been working on some thoughts on the difference between wanting and needing and what is worth waiting for and what isn’t. And grilled cheese sandwiches.

Just as it takes time to grill your sandwich to golden perfection, it takes time for thoughts to mature.

Here’s a taste–of the thoughts, not the sandwiches.

Foresight is considering things that could happen. Hindsight is getting perspective on things that did or didn’t happen. Insight is coping with what is happening now with a degree of grace and dignity.

Outtasight is where things that never should have happened belong, like Euro Disney and Justin Bieber and pumpkin pudding flavored KitKats.


Meditation Cat (that’s ‘cat’ with a ‘c’, not a ‘k’) says:


No. Just…no. I have spoken.

4 thoughts on “Sight”

  1. So I have a question: In Foresight, it is what could happen, or couldn’t. Why wouldn’t it be might or might not (I wanted to write mightn’t but it is one that always makes me feel the reader will be turned off; I love the sound of mightn’t) Anyway MC, you who delves so much in words and meaning, can you clarify? This is a serious question.

    Oh, and can’t Outtasight be a great thing? As in MC is so cool, she is outtasight?

    I your post.

  2. That’s a good question, Grasshopper. While I don’t believe there’s much difference in the definition of the two, it really comes down to our individual relationships with words. For me, could implies anticipation–future events may or may not be good but I look forward to them either way. Might feels more indifferent; it implies a detachment to what may or may not happen. It all comes down to how much you want to involve yourself in what is coming.

    There’s nothing wrong with mightn’t* except it feels a tad school marmish, as in, “Mightn’t it be more appropriate, Gerald, for you to refrain from picking your nose in front of your classmates?”

    Meditation Cat has spoken.

    *Most people couldn’t get away with saying mightn’t but you could pull it off. 🙂

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