Meditation Cat says…

During this morning’s meditation, I had a moment of ultimate clarity. I was totally synched to the universe, at one with myself and all the energy swirling around me. It hit me as hard as a punch to the gut, but a punch delivered by a unicorn wearing cotton candy boxing gloves.

I can only hope that sort of thing will keep happening. It sure made going to work easier.

Having a sparrow ask for a bite of my sandwich at lunch didn’t do any harm, either.



Have I moved into some sort of parallel universe where the impossible becomes possible? Has the inside of my psyche become the Magic Kingdom? Will I be required to pay royalties to Disney for that?

Or has the continuing heatwave finally melted the last tenuous strands of sanity knocking around inside my head?

Meditation Cat says…

PENTAX DIGITAL CAMERASupercalifragilisticexpialidocious

2 thoughts on “Meditation Cat says…”

  1. Hello. Don’t chase it. Let it go. It is as unimportant as the thoughts that jettison around the mind when trying to be gentle. I am sure it is a state you will spend more time in. This is a thing and nothing else. BUT…AWESOME AS ALL GET OUT (I just set myself back a few lifetimes but who cares!)

    1. It was pretty amazing. A pinpoint of light and then a gentle smile and the warmth washed over me like a tidal wave. I buzzed–even let out a small gasp. But how does me being awesome set you back a few lifetimes?

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