Meditation Cat Says…


Be still. Be quiet.
And stop licking my face.

The doors to enlightenment do not open
to wiggly chatterboxes
and you have tuna breath.

Twitchy twitched her whiskers as she weighed the price of achieving nirvana, slightly resented the tuna breath comment, then blinked her eyes and curled up on the cushion. “It does not matter,” she thought as she drifted into sleep. “I will dream my dreams and when I wake, I will stretch and purr and play with my toys and if my breath smells of tuna it means my belly is full and I am happy. Who could want or need more than that?”

2 thoughts on “Meditation Cat Says…”

    1. Thank you so much, Jonelle, for noticing. It’s been an uphill battle with her but it’s finally paying off. Your words really moved me. (Not her. She’s asleep on the printer!)

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