Seven Months, Baby!

As of today, it’s seven full months since I’ve had a puff on a cigarette and I’ve had a few thoughts on that matter.

Thought #1: I wonder if the fact that we are told that quitters are losers and instructed, “Don’t be a quitter” has anything to do with why it’s so hard to quit smoking. I kinda doubt it.

PENTAX DIGITAL CAMERAThought #2: There was an ad for cigarettes included with the newspaper the other day. It was printed on fancy paper and looked expensive. The funny thing is I don’t think we’ve ever gotten an ad from a tobacco company with the newspaper. I wonder if they’ve been forced to advertise because our quit is putting them out of business. I kinda doubt that, too, but it would be nice all the same.

Thought #3: For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been having smoking dreams. Apparently this is common. Usually, I don’t actually smoke, but smoking is involved. This morning I dreamed that I was talking to some people and one said casually, “Oh, you’ve started smoking again.” I looked down at my hand and there was a burning cigarette between my fingers. I had no idea where it had come from. I tossed it away, appalled, and then frantically searched my pockets and purse but couldn’t find a clue. I think maybe my conscious mind has accepted me as a non-smoker but the Nicodemon is still pulling his evil tricks in my unconscious mind. “Old habits die hard” has never seemed so true.


Thought #4: We passed a No Smoking sign in the park today in a place where there never used to be one. I wondered when I would stop noticing things like that.

Thought #5: Seven months seems much more significant to me than six did. According to my quit smoking forum, only 7% of quitters make it a full year, but the statistics improve greatly after that. So maybe seven matters more than six because six was only half way. I’m a glass half full kind of person, but a year seemed such a long time, and now it doesn’t anymore. We’ve reached the crest of the mountain and now we can make our way down the other side, our baggage lighter, our heads clearer, a feeling of accomplishment swelling in our chests.


To celebrate this momentous occasion, The Twitch wandered onto my lap this morning for the first time and then let me pet her all over, but only with my right hand. When I tried to touch her with my left, she bit me.

She’s a weird little beastie.


11 thoughts on “Seven Months, Baby!”

  1. WOW almost a year, that is AMAZING!!!!!! I am so happy and thrilled for you guys! You know now that you can do anything!!!!!!!! Imagine what Twitch will let you do on the actual 1 year mark. If that isn’t motivation for you I don’t know what is! Love you!

    1. Thanks for the link, Diana. That kind of thing really helps. And you are awesome! Ten years. Wow. It’s funny in a way. All the ex-smokers I know still keep track of when they quit, at least remembering the year. I had no idea how much I should admire people who manage to quit. Like so many things, you can’t begin to know how it will feel until you feel it yourself. Hugs to you.

      1. Hey, I’m likely going to be in Tokyo with not much to do Sunday evening and Monday for most of the day if you happen to be available and want to meet up for a drink or something let me know!

  2. Congratulations, quitting is a big deal and you should celebrate every victory! Oh how well I remember the smoking dreams and the unrelenting feeling of guilt, even after waking and finding out it’s a dream. Weird! Give Twitchy a pet for me, but use your right hand.

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