Amway Lunch

I had lunch in the Amway building today.

I had been told that mere mortals are not permitted to dine in their cafeteria, but apparently all it takes is an Amway membership, and the friend I had lunch with has one.

It wasn’t on my bucket list and the food wasn’t particularly good nor cheap, but I do so love having new experiences. And even more, I love being able to type sentences that I thought I would never type. There have been more than a few of them in this blog. They come to me as my somewhat unusual life bounces its way along the road of destiny and reveals itself to me. So just for fun I’ll type it again.

I had lunch in the Amway building today.

If someone asks, “Have you ever had lunch in the Amway building?” I can nod my head and say, “Why, yes. I have.”

And I don’t ever have to do it again if I don’t want to. There are so many things I have to do  but don’t want to. It’s good to know that there are things I don’t have to do, like eat eggplant or wear high heels or live in Chiba.

It’s not that lunch in the Amway building was a bad experience. The room was spacious and airy and the salad and company were good. It’s just a joy to know that I have choices.

A lot of people don’t.


8 thoughts on “Amway Lunch”

  1. Haha. This is such a non-post. Is that a thing? A non-post? Enjoyed it, anyway. My wife used to work with a guy who sold Amway. She doesn’t like Amway. Says they’re like a cult.

  2. You don’t like eggplant? Event he little Japanese eggplant salted and grilled, with a little miso and fresh ginger soy sauce dip?

    I was in Amway for a while…

    1. It’s not even that I don’t like it. I just can’t eat it. The only eggplant I can eat is pickled Japanese style. I though maybe my taste had changed after I quit smoking so tried a piece from a Thai curry. Nope. Gag reflex.

      I can’t eat any of the squashes, and I’m not fond of yams or pumpkin either.

    1. Yeah, they have their own 13 story building in Shibuya, across the street from NHK.

      Years ago, I had this horrible dream that my husband and mother had made arrangements for us to move to Chiba without telling me. When I got home from work, they were packing our stuff into a moving van and just laughed when I told them to stop. And when we got there, the house was awful–peeling wallpaper, moldy floors, piles of dirt in the corners.

      It was one of those awful frustration dreams where something is going terribly wrong and you can’t do anything to stop it. Yikes.

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