The Battle Continues

The Evil Nicodemon lunges at us with his nasty pitchfork, artfully finding the tenderest bits where he can poke and jab. I draw my trusty saber and fence him into a corner where I plunge the shiny blade deep into his foul heart and laugh maniacally as he bleeds green slime all over the floor.

This is how we look.

ernie and bert healthyThis is how we feel, except for Ernie’s cigarette.

Ernie and BertComing up on two months, time has never moved so slowly.

4 thoughts on “The Battle Continues”

  1. Fight on brave warrior princess. Are you still drinking lots of water. Your description of the beast made me crave a smoke, and it has been 20 years almost. It is a battle worth fighting.

    1. I don’t think I’m there yet, Diana. I still feel like a smoker who isn’t smoking, but I’m getting there. Baby steps.

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