Pet Peeves


***Warning! Oncoming rant***

Things that drive me really, really crazy:

-People who don’t watch where they’re going because they’re too busy playing with their phones. Watch out! I’m winning the battle against smoking but losing the one against the urge to grab your phone and hurl it against a wall.

-People who slurp their spaghetti. Ramen, udon, soba: acceptable. Spaghetti: no. Stop it. RIGHT NOW!

-People who wear their keys on the outside of their pants. There’s enough superfluous noise in the world already. And you know you only do it because you can’t afford a red sports car.

-People who say “nucular”. Come on, y’all. It ain’t a word.

-People who pretend to be stupid to avoid responsibility. A woman I sometimes have to work with does this. She doesn’t listen when I talk so, of course, she doesn’t understand what I say, and I end up having to explain everything three times. Also, she doesn’t speak English and yet the company keeps putting her into jobs where she has to use English. I’ve known her for years now and she hasn’t gotten any better. I think I understand why. It’s a form of rebellion because she doesn’t want to speak English. She’s nice enough in other ways; I don’t dislike her, but I do resent having to work twice as hard to cover for her. I’m very curious about what her other colleagues think.

In another department there’s a guy who is both stupid and incompetent and everybody, including him, knows it. I’ve asked our colleagues why they put up with it and they say he’s a sweet person.

“But…I don’t CARE about that! I would much rather work with an intelligent asshole than have to clean up the messes of people who are not qualified to do their jobs!”

Honestly, they don’t pay me enough.

***End of rant. Thank you for listening.***


4 thoughts on “Pet Peeves”

  1. Hurl that damn phone…hehe. That is also a pet peeve of mine. Another one is the customer at the checkout. The ones who wait until their purchase is totaled-THEN slowly retrieve their wallet from the depths of their pocket or purse and unsnap-unzip-and count the coins slowly ONE AT A TIME!!! ARRRRGGGHHHH!!!

    1. Also the person who has been waiting for the bus for 10 minutes but doesn’t even look for their fare until they’re getting on the bus. DEATH TO THEM ALL!

  2. Good list. I remember when I quit smoking everything that irked me was amplified. My current work irk is that it’s all women and while I appreciate that they like me enough to share so much I really don’t need to know about their menstrual cycle in detail. Truly.

    1. I can totally relate and add that I have been told much more than I ever wanted to know about childbirth.

      One of the hardest parts about not smoking is that I find myself hyper sensitive to noise and there is construction on every side of my house. Last week I went to the gym to get some peace and quiet!

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