Wash the Pandas

I have an obscene amount of work to do, and that leads to stress, so I woke up ridiculously early this morning and washed the pandas. Part of the stop smoking thing is washing everything, all of the curtains, most of my clothes. I finally got around to the pandas. That’s Rufus on the left. She was bought in Japan but made in the good old U. S. of A., which gives you some idea of how long we’ve had her. The one on the right with the fake bamboo was made in China and doesn’t have a name. Suggestions are welcome.

PENTAX DIGITAL CAMERAI continue to be grateful for the work, but I’m a little overwhelmed. Most of it is stuff I have to do here at the computer, alone in my sweats, trying to ignore the incessant construction going on in the neighborhood. Finding the motivation to keep going is hard. We’ve got math again, and while I don’t enjoy that much, I can break it up with checking scripts and writing projects. Variety is the spice and all that.

PENTAX DIGITAL CAMERASo I hung the pandas out to dry (by their ears, poor things!) and we went for an early morning wake-up walk. It had been such a long time since I’d done that, I had forgotten what early morning smells like, which is pretty much what the rest of the day smells like, just earlier.

Then back home and back to work. As Rochi says, until the math is done, every day is Monday. But sometimes it helps to wash the pandas.



3 thoughts on “Wash the Pandas”

  1. This is heritable behavior. One of the few very early memories I have is of my mother having washed my teddy. He was hanging by one ear way up on the washline in our backyard. I was so horrified by his limp and crushed condition that I sat all afternoon in the grass under the drips waiting for him to be restored to me. I did get him back, but his beautiful blue color and his fluff were never the same. Three cheers for improvements in fiber and laundry technologies.

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