The Mammomat

I had an appointment with the Mammomat today. If you haven’t heard of  it, it’s a new type of vending machine where you drop a 100yen coin in a slot and a little door opens revealing a boob-shaped cookie.

Nah, it actually is just what it sounds like, but such a thing wouldn’t surprise me. Japan does come up with some pretty weird inventions and even weirder names for them. The irony here is the thing is made by Siemens USA, so the silly name can’t be blamed on Japan this time.

While these appointments are uncomfortable, they’re not actually painful. The technician’s hands are warm and she’s very gentle. Plus that’s the most anybody but me has touched  my boobs since she did them last year, so it was kind of nice.

The doc says everything is still hunky-dory, so feeling pretty good, I popped into the Baskin-Robbins across the street, where the girl behind the counter offered me a taste of something that was entirely the wrong shades of pink and green.

“What is it?” Aren’t they supposed to wait until you tell them what you want to taste?

“Macaroon Macaroon.”

“Yeech! Uh…I mean…no thanks. Can I try the Burgundy Cherry instead?” It was a much more appropriate shade of pink, and tasty too.

So having done my part for the pink ribbon, I rewarded myself with a pink spoon.



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