There was a man on the train this morning carrying an umbrella that was designed to look like a rifle. It had a fake wooden stock complete with trigger and trigger guard, the umbrella part was printed with a camouflage pattern, the tip even had a muzzle and a sight. I bet he looked out the window this morning and thought, “Shoot!* It’s raining. I guess I’ll need my gunbrella.”gunbrellaI couldn’t stop staring at it. The guy looked otherwise normal, but I just couldn’t imagine wanting to own such a thing, much less carry it around in public. Talk about passive aggressive. Who comes up with these things?

*See what I did there?


2 thoughts on “Gunbrella”

  1. Oh wow-I think it’s pretty cool. I also like the umbrellas that look like a ninja sword. (Although I would be very hesitant to enter a bank-airport-school-mall with either hanging on my shoulder)

  2. I’ve seen the gun but not that one, that’s a bit too realistic for my taste. I was given a medieval long sword umbrella for Christmas. lol I haven’t used it.

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