This picture has nothing to do with this post,
but I like it and this is my blog and I can do what I want with it.
So there.

The guy from New York that I met at Burger King last week was complaining about how cold Japanese houses are. It’s true. Central heating is rare in private homes; only individual rooms are heated. I have a small gas heater that takes the edge off the living room and kitchen. A portable kerosene stove heats this room, but the other rooms are the same temperature as it is outside. Bedroom, hallways, bathroom, all cold. No wonder the Japanese invented the heated toilet seat.

My buddy Randy said that a while back his wife got athlete’s foot, and a week later he got it, too. They went to the foot doctor together and the doctor said, “That’s not athlete’s foot. It’s mild frostbite.”

So with yesterday being rather blustersome, and because we like them, we went to D’s wonderfully centrally heated house to play with him and his kids. Three of us were working on a jigsaw puzzle, all the while making silly comments using silly accents, when D walked in and said he didn’t have enough points on his movement monitoring wrist thingy, so I suggested that he jump up and down. He did, and without looking up from the puzzle, I said quietly, “House go bouncy-bouncy.”

We all burst into prolonged giggles until Miranda, who is 13 and too cool for jigsaws, marched her pubescent self into the room and demanded to know what was so funny. Without looking up from the puzzle, I glanced at my puzzle mates and said quietly, “Daddy go jumpy-jumpy. House go bouncy-bouncy.”

Hysterics all around.

D just stood in the doorway staring at us. The look on his face…now that was cold. But being an all-around good egg, he forgave us and soon enough all was warm and fuzzy again.

I don’t care what they say about antibiotics and MRIs and stem cell research. There’s nothing so healing as a good, long laugh.


4 thoughts on “Bouncy-Bouncy”

  1. Oh I know the localised heating scenario only too well. Growing up in NZ we had the electric heaters, the fan heaters (that the dog lay in front of) and the socks and hats in bed!!!! Chillblain heaven.

    Nice story.

    1. Growing up, my mom’s house had (ineffective) central heating, so I am well familiar with the socks and hats scenario. It’s not that cold here.

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