Every year I promise myself I will avoid supermarkets at the end of the year, and every year I end up having to buy stuff. At year end, the normally polite and deferential Japanese somehow mutate into consumerism crazed maniacs, smashing into each other, fighting over the suddenly more-than-usually over-priced fish and vegetables, and ramming their shopping carts into the small of my back.

At Tokyu, a woman jabbed me in the boob with a gobo root.

At Foodium, I actually said “Arrrrgh!” to a man as he nearly toppled me onto a stack of tempura shrimp. He turned and gave me a look of such sweet innocence that it was hard not to find out just how strong my right hook is.

I SWEAR I will stay home next year and eat nothing but oatmeal.

131231_1556~01Or maybe I’ll wear my boxing gloves when I shop and let every man fend for himself.


3 thoughts on “Arrrrrgh!”

  1. I liked the post but I don’t like that you were shoved about. So far, most of the time I’ve seen the people in Japan being courteous but I have seen the other side too.

    Bring the gloves next year, I wanna hear how it plays out. haha

    1. I probably wouldn’t even have to hit anyone–just wear the gloves and do the boxer pose. People most likely would think I’m crazy and give me some space!

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