Boxing Day

I went to a Meetup the other day for a most excellent performance of A Tuna Christmas, wherein Charles Lent and Bob Werley evinced a theatrical prowess I was not expecting. Well done, guys.

While we were waiting at the station for the rest of the group, one of the guys made a joke about needing to punch one of the others. Being the obliging sort that I am, I pulled out my phone and offered him my miniature boxing glove.

PENTAX DIGITAL CAMERAOne of the guys asked why I have it, and I said it was a gift because I do kick boxing. The puncher asked how long I’ve been doing that, and I said about eight years. Then the punchee said, “That is so not fair. Women already get to win all the arguments, and now you can beat us up, too? At least men used to be the stronger sex. You’ve got to give us something.”

If it makes you feel any better, I’ve never punched anything other than the sandbag and the mitts. But it might be wise to remember that I could.

Ho, ho, HO!


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