The Tale of the Fish Burger

There’s nothing like knowing what you want and being able to get it.

Someone will ask me, “What do you want for lunch?”
And I’ll say, “A turkey sandwich and a bowl of vegetable soup.”
“OK. Where can you get that?”
“I can’t. If I want that, I have to make it myself.”

Such is life.

So today I was punching away at the dojo and realized I wanted a fish burger. Most fast food places have them; this is a nation of fish eaters, after all. I’d rather stuff a rutabaga in my ear than eat at Mickey D’s, but there’s a Mos Burger right by the dojo. Unfortunately, half the neighborhood also wanted to eat there. So I went down the street to Freshness Burger, which was not crowded and has fish burgers…but not today.

Giving in to kismet, I headed for Mickey D’s, but there was a long line there, too. It didn’t seem right to have to wait in line for something I didn’t want that much anyway, so I started wandering aimlessly down the street.

Aha! Most convenience stores have fish burgers. I tried Lawson’s and then 7-11 but no luck. And then, shining on the horizon like a holy grail, a shimmering oasis in a vast desert, the twinkling star at the top of a Christmas tree, another Mos Burger, not crowded, and they made my fish burger fresh and hot.

From the Mos Burger official English website
From the Mos Burger official English website

I even splurged on a cola, but had to send it back because it was diet and that takes us back to the rutabaga scenario. (They happily replaced it with a ginger ale.)

The restaurant was right next to a pet shop, so after lunch, I went in and ogled the kittens, which were ON SALE! Only $1000 for an American Shorthair! Or $1700 for a Russian Blue!

I think not.

I’m not ready to replace Plato and Dana yet anyway. And they were free.

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