Adonis or Monster?

I saw an attractive Japanese man on a train this morning!

(Anyone who has lived here for more than twenty minutes knows this is a rare enough occurrence to warrant a  blog post. I can count the number of attractive Japanese men I’ve seen on one hand and still have fingers left over. Japanese women grow up knowing they will marry unattractive men. When I tell my Japanese girlfriends that I saw an attractive man, they think I am making a joke.)

Unfortunately the potential Adonis opened his mouth and revealed Godzilla teeth

Godzilla…which reminded me of a dream I once had. I was in a museum, kissing a strange man,
and his teeth started falling out. There was no explanation as to why.

Perhaps I am toxic.

Where do these images come from?
I think Freud would have a field day with my warped brain.


6 thoughts on “Adonis or Monster?”

      1. If they follow your blog they probably will 🙂
        I have seen attractive Japanese boys skiing in NZ. They are a new generation – tall and rather handsome (and fit).
        Loved the post.

      2. I’m not really worried about it. Hardly any of them can speak English.

        Dunno about the young Adonises. I pay them no mind, and they return the favor.

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