Slurp Master General

PENTAX DIGITAL CAMERAThe other day at the noodle shop, this guy was tucking into a bowl of soba and slurped with such strength and intensity that I thought he would inhale the chopsticks, the bowl and maybe even the table along with the noodles. One of his slurps echoed off the opposite wall, rebounded off the darkened woodwork and bamboo screens, knocked the bandana off the serving lady’s head, careened along the painted concrete floor, threatened to topple a rather elegant flower arrangement in an over-sized vase, and was finally dissipated by the flapping paper fans of the blissfully ignorant hen party seated in the opposite corner.

It was the Ringling Brothers circus of slurps, world-class, top-of-the-line, one-of-a-kind, not-to-be-missed.

OK, I would have been happy to miss it. Must remember to invest in some ear plugs.


3 thoughts on “Slurp Master General”

  1. ahahahaha! well described. I am still trying to master this technique. How do they slurp and manage to keep it from splattering on their clothes? I just can’t avoid that yet. Went for curry Friday night and the guy next to me was slurping with gusto. It was rather comical actually because he and I both had enough heat going on that there was slurping and sniffling trade off going on. slurp…sniff…slurp … snifff

    1. I ALWAYS get ramen soup on my glasses, and that stuff is oily, so it’s really hard to get it off. I spend the rest of the day peering through a blur. It finally occurred to me to take them off when I eat. Duh.

      Also with the sniffling goes sweating. It seems that Japanese men will curl up and die if they don’t eat hot food fast enough to make them drip all over the table. 🙂

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