The Tale of the Postal Fairy

Being the good little citizen that I am, I got my US tax return done early and left it in the entry so I could take it to the post office to get the correct postage.

I won’t name names, but some nitwit tossed it into a mailbox before I could do that.

(Japanese mailboxes are way cool, by the way.)

The nice fella at Setagaya Central Post Office said it would probably come back to me with “No Stamp” stamped on it. Probably. Unless it got tossed into the international mail, in which case he couldn’t make any promises.

So I waited until April 15th, hoping it would appear in my mailbox, but it didn’t, so my tax guy emailed me another copy and I wrote another check.

Yesterday, I checked my US  bank account and discovered that the IRS received, and cashed, both checks.

It is inconceivable to me that Uncle Sam paid my postage. The only other option that I can imagine is that there is a Post Office Fairy flitting around the hallowed halls of Setagaya Central, waving her wand and magically making stamps appear on parcels that look important.

It wouldn’t surprise me one bit.


4 thoughts on “The Tale of the Postal Fairy”

  1. Ah ha – done something like that too when I realised I’d forged the wrong daughter’s signature on her uni grant form just as I slipped it into the post box. Uk boxes are far from cool.

    1. My tax guy said the IRS would eventually figure it out on their own. (Maybe he believes in fairies, too.) In the meantime, he’s going to write them a letter to try to speed things along.

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