Sinking to New Highs

Not long ago, I was in the ladies’ room at the supermarket. I stepped up to the skin and stuck my hands under the tap. Nothing happened. I wiggled my fingers around. Nothing. Then I realized that you have to turn the knob to make the water come out.

To be fair, it was an odd tubular design that didn’t really look like a knob.

Feeling a bit foolish, I began to wash my hands. Then a woman stepped up to the sink next to mine and did exactly the same thing.

Most public facilities have switched over to automatic taps. One reason is that some ladies used to leave the water running after washing their hands, with the reasoning being that someone less scrupulous than themselves may have touched the tap before them. I consider that borderline prissy, but as I’ve said before, one mustn’t judge.

So that brings us to last week’s discovery in a department store ladies’ room, the crown jewel, the Mercedes Benz, the Christian Dior, the 50 year old single malt whiskey of sinks:


A: Automatic water flow; B: Automatic soap dispenser; C: Built in automatic hand dryer, and all complete with nifty little illustrations of how they are to be used.

I felt almost as pampered as when I have my hair washed at the beauty salon.


4 thoughts on “Sinking to New Highs”

  1. One of my favorite washroom memories is the time at an airport I came out of the stall and saw a puzzled Amish child looking at the tapless sink. I told her to wave at it; she grinned, and did. Then she dried her hands as Aunt Gwen taught me, on her petticoat. Well bred girls don’t touch anything in the public accommodation. My own puzzled experience was the hi-tech one in a hotel. Many buttons to push, but all signed in Japanese, so I pushed nearly every one trying to get the single thing I needed.

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