Date Number Three

I just can’t seem to leave her alone.


But I finally figured out why I love her so much. Her pastry is like shortbread but lighter. I still can’t get ricotta, so have been using mascarpone, and this time cottage cheese—mascarpone was better. The tartness of the fruit, cheese  and lemon zest are perfectly balanced by the delicate sweetness of sugar and honey. To quote le pirate, being with her is like “having baby unicorns tickle your nose.”

There’s plenty of Fancy French Frou-Frou available here, but the pastry is usually somewhere between cardboard and concrete, the filling is sticky, tooth-fuzzing custard and the fruit has no flavor.

As is often the case in Japan, form is more important than content. It doesn’t really matter what’s in the box as long as the present is beautifully wrapped.

My imperfect tart, I love you as you are, uneven edges, disoriented fruit, warts and all.


6 thoughts on “Date Number Three”

  1. My sistah in pastry disappointment! It’s funny how Japanese cakes always look like the cake of my dreams, but never fail to disappoint. It’s not that they don’t taste good, just that they don’t taste the way I hope they will. There’s some kind of expectation shortfall, you know? I admit I’m way more of a butter fiend than a nama cream lover, though (opposite of my Japanese friends) so maybe that’s it, but damn. When I get back to a place where I have an oven, I’m definitely heading over to that recipe site you recommend! ^^;;

    1. I think you may be my long lost twin. Over the years, my list of must-have American stuff has shrunk to almost nothing, but I still miss butter frosting and all things chocolaty gooey caramelly rich and sticky. Japanese sweets are just too…prim.

    1. Thanks! She was pretty fabulous.

      Love your blog. The things I said about my tart are about as close as I’ve ever gotten to dirty talk.

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