Frog Blog


I bought a rubber frog yesterday.

I didn’t wake up wanting a rubber frog.

I just saw it in the store and had to have it.

Some days are like that.

I’m not usually an impulse shopper.

I don’t even like frogs very much.

I think it was the instructions, yes instructions, on how to use it, bilingual no less.

Since when does one need instructions to play with a rubber frog?



Oh, I see. It means who you could give it to.

1) Persons who like reptiles (surprising)

OK. I can buy that, but aren’t frogs amphibians?

2) Understandable persons (forgiving)


So I read the Japanese original, which said something like “People who like jokes (because you might make them laugh)”.

What kind of translator are these jokers using? Or is the translator the joker?

And finally, my favorite:

3) Hate persons (we do not take any responsibility)

Well, that’s clear enough.

So now I have a rubber frog. Any suggestions for names? Kermit seems a tad too obvious.


4 thoughts on “Frog Blog”

  1. the name might have to depend on who you give it to – a reptilian, a humorist, an enemy or indeed if you are ‘selfish’ enough to keep all the fun for yourself. What about Walter?

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