I got my first pingback today, and while I’m not completely clear on what that is, I thought, “How nice. I’ll just pop over to Mack Quigley’s blog and see what he’s all about.”

It seems that Mr. Quigley had taken the time to collect links to what looked like 100 posts about sakura, including mine. According to Mr. Quigley, we are all wrong to appreciate the ethereal gift of nature that is sakura and should instead be thanking God for providing it.

Setagaya Kannon, a Buddhist Temple
Setagaya Kannon, a Buddhist Temple

Mr. Quigley, thanks but no thanks. You have every right to believe whatever you want to believe, but you do not have the right to tell me what to believe. If you don’t like my blog, don’t read it. Japan is a Buddhist country, and you are a narrow-minded, self-righteous toad, so take your bible and stick it in your ear.


7 thoughts on “Ping”

  1. Hey, Same thing happened to me too, I agree with you, I believe in GOD, but people shouldn’t mix things up, … it’s weird that everyone thinks that he is the right one, people should try more to accept others’ beliefs without judgement .

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