Love at First Sight

I saw her and fell in love. On le pirate’s food blog, the most beautiful pastry ever. Sugarplum and Nectarine Galette. She looked rich and luscious, yet homey and inviting. Just seeing her name, my heart pounded and blood rushed to my ears. I could barely catch my breath.

I knew I had to have her, but how? Would she accept what I could offer her? I knew I would have to take liberties with her delicate sensibilities, but le pirate said she was nothing if not forgiving. I decided to approach her.

Fresh full cream ricotta? Sorry, my love. I would walk on burning coals for you, but ricotta is not to be had. Would you accept mascarpone with a bit of cream cheese tossed in for good measure?

Sugarplums and a nectarine? In Tokyo? In March? Forgive me, my dear. How about a kiwi and some canned tropical fruit?

I kneaded her gently, filled her and folded her. She gracefully accepted my meager offerings.

Our relationship heated up…to 180 degrees.

Forty minutes later, she was mine.


I sank my teeth into her sugared crust, her creamy filling sending my taste buds into rapture. A chorus of angels sang hallelujah.

A word of warning: she was not terribly pleased with the tropical fruit. She deserves something better; her rich filling needs a counterbalance of something with more zing. Next time I will offer her blueberries and strawberries.


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