Ah, the glorious strawberry. Luscious harbinger of spring, I worship you from your sweet, juicy heart to your glowing, seedy skin. Long may you reign, especially in duplicate.


2 thoughts on “Twins!”

  1. Hey,

    I too love strawberries, but i found out something that has made me very picky and willing to pay A LOT more for the delicacy. All of the toxins/pesticides that are absorbed by the plan are concentrated in the berry itself. They are pesticide bombs. Buy organic ones; live longer so we can rejoice in you and your writing.

    1. Tim, you can be so wonderful when you put your mind to it.

      Strawberry season doesn’t last long since Tohoku hasn’t yet recovered, so I need to indulge when I can, but I’ll look into the organics.


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