Baby Talk

We’re working on a series of new English teaching materials…for babies. It’s hard to get my head around the concept of teaching language to people who don’t yet have any. Even harder is that most of the publishing company people working on this don’t speak English.

I know, Miss Sarah isn't wearing a diaper. But who can resist that smile?
Beautiful Sarah, courtesy of Wendy

I got a call this morning about some song lyrics:

Baby’s wearing a red pants all day long (Take out the “a” please.)

Baby’s wearing a diaper all day long (Is it OK to use the word “wearing”? Yeah, that’s OK.)

A few minutes later, I called her back and said she’d better make it:

Baby’s wearing diapers all day long

I pointed out that baby wearing the same diaper all day long would not be good.

I have to be careful about these things because what happens is, some time later, sometimes years later, some parent who does understand English will discover something like that and call the publisher who then calls me. They’re always nice about it, but I have to scramble through my addled brain looking for some lame reason why it’s all right that we made whatever mistake we made.


Any opinions about that? I love to hear from you.

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