New Years

Thank goodness the holidays are nearly over. The way the calendar worked out this year, I’ve got ten days off and although I am the slothfulest of the slothful, that is really too many. New year’s tradition says we’re supposed to sit around eating osechi ryori while staring at the TV. Well, tradition since the 21st century anyway. I guess before TV, people sat around and stared at each other.


But although osechi is pretty to look at, it’s troublesome to make and doesn’t taste all that good, so I don’t really bother anymore.  And there’s nothing on TV except slapstick comedy, sappy song shows and sports, especially the annual ekiden relay marathons. I can think of nothing so mind-numbingly boring as watching other people run, except maybe watching them play golf. I can’t imagine how the commentators can stand it. “The guy in the lead is still in the lead and the guy behind him…is still behind him.” Yikes.

So I put away the Christmas stuff, did a bunch of paperwork, tidied up my desk and files, washed my sweaters, mended my gym bag and even baked cookies but I’m running out of things to do.

So now I am talking to you, gentle readers, and wishing you bright skies and happy horizons in 2013. May your journey along the rutted road of life be smooth.


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