Unexpected day off today. I’m supposed to be working on a script, but I need a doohickey called a dongle to make the sub-titling program work and my client can’t get me one until tomorrow.


The cool thing about being freelance is I never know what’s going to happen. This is Rumiko and me singing Ten Little Doughnuts as twelve year old cheerleaders.

(They changed it from Ten Little Indians because someone thought that was racist, although how counting people can be considered racist is beyond me. The census bureau does it all the time and it doesn’t seem to bother anyone.)

I can’t really sing, so mostly I’m just doing back-up, “Go, go, let’s go! Yippee! Woo-hoo!” It was fun.

Another thing I’ve started doing recently is directing. I’ve been wanting to do that for ages.

Apparently, I had three strikes against me. 1) I’m not British, 2) I’m not a man, 3) I’m not old and ugly.

121127_1411~01Directing is cool. I tell people what to do, and they do it. Suits my bossy nature.

It looks like the tech guy is studying the monitor most studiously, right? Actually, he’s covering his mouth so you can’t see that he’s giggling. He’s terribly shy.


5 thoughts on “Freelance”

  1. Your life is just one thing after another…….:) here follows the lesson. shift, colon, close bracket (happy emoticon). shift, colon, open bracket (sad emoticon). There are many others but we have reached the end of my knowledge.

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