Life of Luxury

My best friends moved to Singapore last fall, and while I continue to be sad about that, the one good thing about it is they gave us their fridge, and just in time, too. Ours had taken to flooding every couple of days and moaning in the dark.

Now this is no ordinary fridge.  The thing is a monster.  It took three of us, struggling and sweating, to wrestle the thing into our little Japanese kitchen. It’s twice the size of our old one and very high tech. It has six doors, two egg holders, and I’m not even sure what some of the other compartments are for. But best of all, it has a BUILT IN AUTOMATIC ICE MAKER! It’s got its own little pull-out drawer and a cute little scooper that reminds me of the one I use to clean the litter pan.

My friends moved in October so I didn’t really think about the ice maker until the weather turned hot last month. Then I found that I can have all the ice I want, any time I want it. It just plods along making ice, silently and steadily, my devoted servant. There’s no more futzing with plastic ice trays and spilling water all over the place, no more frostbite on my fingers as I empty the trays, no more chasing after the cubes that escape while I’m doing that.

The last time I had such a luxury was when I bought my first air conditioner. I feel like a princess in an ivory tower.


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