Train Trouble

When I got to the station yesterday, I found that the entire line was shut down. Again. Apparently there was a “human-related accident” a bit further down the line. I consulted with the station lady who said, “Forget about taking a bus. They’ll all be packed. Take the Setagaya Line (a two car tram that goes almost as fast as a bicycle) eight stops in the wrong direction, transfer to the Odakyu Line, then get the subway from Shinjuku.” A trip that normally takes half an hour took more than twice that long, and while I was twiddling my thumbs for what seemed an eternity, I remembered how the news often reports that such-and-such train line was shut down for such-and-such reason, “inconveniencing” so-many-thousands of passengers. Inconveniencing. Yes, that’s a good way of putting it. I realized I was grateful that I wasn’t the poor soul who jumped/fell/was pushed off the platform, if that’s what happened, thus leading to the inconvenience.


Any opinions about that? I love to hear from you.

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