Curry Rice

I recently had to edit an article about Japanese fusion cuisine, and the example they chose to use was curry rice, which came to Japan via England rather than India, which is why the Japanese version is comparatively bland.

At any rate, I’ve developed quite a taste for it. The nearby soba/udon shop makes a very good one. It’s comfort food, or as a Japanese friend puts it, “comfortable” food, the Mac and Cheese of the East. It’s available everywhere, easy to eat, and the pickled daikon that comes with adds a refreshing crunch. Since the only way for me to get my Mac and Cheese fix is to make it myself, I opt for curry rice.

Yes, we eat it with a spoon.

2 thoughts on “Curry Rice”

  1. Okonomiyaki and yakisoba come with pickled ginger and it’s nasty, but the kind that comes with sushi is yum. Curry rice is almost always daikon, sometimes cucumber. My favorite is lotus root, but that’s rare.

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