Sorry, That’s Wrong

I like what I do, mostly. As with any job, some of it is tedious, but mostly I like it. There’s a lot of variety and I never know what to expect.

One thing that does drive me crazy, though, is when people treat me like a rubber stamp. They’ll present me with a completed project and ask me to give it a “quick check”. They insist on using non-English speaking directors/designers/editors/writers, then act surprised when I point out the spelling/grammar/punctuation/capitalization/logic problems. Wouldn’t it be wise to check with me before we get to the final proof stage? So we’ve developed a circular argument that goes something like this:

Them: This is the final version. We can’t change it now. Is it right?

Me: Nope.

Them: Well, can we use it this way anyway?

Me: Sure, if you want to. It’s YOUR video/DVD/CD ROM/magazine/newspaper/research article/Christmas card/t-shirt/lunchbox.

Them: But is it right?

Me: Nope.

And around and around it goes.


Any opinions about that? I love to hear from you.

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