Size Is All Relative

From the How-to-lose-business-without-really-trying Department:

I went into a boutique a while ago and was just browsing when the shop lady came to me and said, in English, “We have big size.” Granted, I’m not a narrow-hipped, skinny-thighed, flat-bellied Asian woman, but I’m not an Amazon either.

I’m surprised, but maybe shouldn’t be, at how often that happens. In shoe stores, they ask my size and I say 23.5, and they say, “They’re in centimeters, you know.” OK, well, I wasn’t expecting inches and can’t really imagine anyone with feet that big anyway, and there’s a pretty good chance that I know my own shoe size, but being tactful, I just smile and say, “Yes. I know.”

Back in the boutique, I looked at the woman and tilted my head. She looked back at me. After a moment, I saw the light dawn in her eyes and could hear her thinking,  “Oh, dear. That is NOT the right thing to say to ANY woman, in ANY language, ANYWHERE, EVER.” I smiled the smile you give to someone you think might be weak in the head and left the store, never to return. I’m not really the boutique type anyway.


Any opinions about that? I love to hear from you.

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