Golden Week

It’s Golden Week again. (For those who are too lazy to look that up, it’s a string of national holidays that happen to come all at once.) This should be cause for rejoicing, but it’s pissing down rain and I have a terrible cold. A nice bowl of chicken noodle soup would be just the ticket, but the thought of schlepping around the neighborhood looking for it is daunting, mostly because it’s probably not available. Life in Tokyo has its wonderful points, but it does seem like chicken soup should be easily had, especially when one’s head is bursting with bacteria. It did occur to me that I could make it myself, but what’s comforting about that?

*Silver Lining* Being freelance, holidays usually have nothing to do with whether or not I have to work, so I am grateful, at least, that my germs and I are not required to work outside the house this Golden Week. So my infected cranium and I will hunker down and be glad that we don’t have to impose our (Dare I say it?) snotty attitude on anyone else.

**Update 30 minutes later** So I did make it myself, using Chinese chicken broth paste, pasta stars and a little dried dill. My throat feels better already. Yay!

***Update a few hours later*** I felt so much better after the soup that I made brownies to celebrate. Bad idea. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT eat brownies when you have a cold.



2 thoughts on “Golden Week”

  1. Ironically enough, there are hundreds of ramen shops in this neighborhood but we have yet to find a good one. Perhaps I should consult Lonely Planet.

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