A bad day?

During a walk yesterday we came across a woman crouched down on the street smoking. And I mean SMOKING. She had two lit cigarettes in one hand and three in the other. She was also rocking side to side and mumbling to herself. I can only assume that she was having a REALLY bad day.

At the same time, the sun was shining and I had a tummy full of yummy cheeseburger (without mayo!) and was feeling rather pleased with the world in general. I guess that’s why she made such an impression. If kismet decreed that someone had to have a bad day, I am grateful it wasn’t me.


2 thoughts on “A bad day?”

  1. Do I remember correctly that you hate mayo as much as I do? I’ve picked hairs off food in a pinch, but mayo makes a meal unusable to me.

  2. I remember talking about this with you! No, I don’t hate mayo, but it has its time and place, and cheeseburgers is not one of them.

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