Crosswords or Cross Words?

I’m a total crossword puzzle dork and have been since I was a kid. That’s why I like writing sub-titles. It’s kind of the same thing—get the maximum meaning into the smallest space and still be comprehensible. In a sense, getting paid to do my hobby. Win-win.

What I don’t like is technical writing. I just finished a really awful technical writing project. Five essays, maximum 200 words each, and each came with a 110 word vocabulary list from which I must use at least 15 words, and the words are almost completely unrelated and of increasing difficulty. (Examples from list 5: preclude, jeopardize, eradicate, pertain, encompass, precipitation, philanthropy, referendum, chromosome, embargo, nausea. And “stub”. Stub? Seriously?) Oh, and please choose topics that will interest high school students. Yikes!

Recently, a friend asked if I’ve ever thought about constructing puzzles instead of just solving them. It occurred to me as I was working that technical writing is like puzzle constructing and neither is any fun at all.

The only good thing about the whole project was the Friday deadline. I am now at liberty to spend Sunday enjoying the sakura.


Any opinions about that? I love to hear from you.

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