Going Ape

There’s a building in my neighborhood that has a gigantic gorilla on it. The building houses a convenience store, a bike shop, a kick boxing gym (not mine) and a storage facility. No explanation about the ape. There’s a school girl sitting in the palm of his right hand. I thought maybe he was helping her peep into the gym, but she’s faced the other way and is calmly reading a book. She doesn’t really seem to be aware of her predicament. He does have a twinkle in his eye as if he’s planning to eat her, but as far as I know, gorillas are vegetarians. Maybe he’s a very polite Japanese gorilla and is just giving her a safe, comfortable place to do her homework.

I can’t imagine what his purpose is except maybe to make people scratch their heads and ask themselves, “What’s up with the big monkey?” I was so perplexed by it today that I had to treat myself to the best soft freeze I’ve ever tasted. Aha! Maybe the ice cream guy put the monkey there to make people crave a treat. Is there some psychic connection between monkeys and sugar?


Any opinions about that? I love to hear from you.

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