It’s a Small World

I just love the names of Tokyo’s trains and stations. They fill up my mouth and trip off my tongue in a most satisfying way. And some days I get to experience a lot of them. For example, yesterday, I went to my station, Sangenjaya, and got on the Denentoshi line. At Nagatacho I transferred to the Namboku line and got off at Yotsuya. The job took less than an hour, then back to Yotsuya where I took the Marunouchi line to Kasumigaseki, transferred to the Hibiya line and got off at Hiroo for a different studio job. On the way home, I took the Hibiya line to Nakameguro, transferred to the Toyoku line and got off at Yutenji. The last leg of this odyssey was a quick bus ride home. By the end of the day, the pedometer in my Granny Phone said that I had walked 5.5k, partly because I didn’t read the map carefully and ended up walking a long way the wrong way at Hiroo. Oops.

Here’s where the small world part comes in. I was wandering around the back streets of Yotsuya looking for the studio and ran into a woman I know. It took me hours to place her but I finally remembered she was the cleaning lady who used to work at another studio in a different part of Yotsuya. She was always very friendly to me. The funny thing about this is that there are over 12 million people in Tokyo and I don’t know very many of them, so to run into someone I know, especially on a back street in a part of town I rarely go to, is really something, and it’s surprising how many times this has happened over the years.

Terry the Voice Actor recently stepped into a hotel elevator in Singapore and heard her own voice say “going up.” Hitachi must have exported her recording when they exported the elevator. No, we don’t get residuals for that sort of thing, but still, it’s always interesting to run into someone you know in an unexpected place, especially when it’s yourself.


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