Rub Me the Right Way

Shimizu-san gives massages at the dojo a couple of times a week. Last year, I gave him some educational stuff for his kids because he’s eager to get them started on English. He liked the stuff and said he’d give me a free massage sometime. Well, I love massages and am always a big fan of free stuff, but didn’t know him well enough to know if that would really ever happen. Then today after class it did, and he gave me almost an hour. Now, Shimizu-san is simply amazing. He does a combination of standard massage, stretching, shiatsu, and some other kinds of arcane stuff that I don’t even understand. Sometimes he puts his hands on my back, no pressure, just heat, and I can feel tension being sucked out of my body. At one point he waved his fingers at my ankle without even touching it. I’m not sure what that was for. But when he was done, I didn’t get off the table, I floated off. Then we spent some time talking about synchronicity and the difference between power and strength. Very cool stuff. If he wasn’t a masseur, I could easily see him as a Buddhist monk.


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