Crashing the Creche

There’s a little church I pass on the way to the station. Every Christmas, the church people put up a small creche, which is actually fairly tasteful, but then they put a semicircle of bricks around it and fill it with sand. I assume the bricks are meant to deter people from messing with the figures, but they don’t deter the neighborhood cats, who often leave little presents in the sand. Perhaps they’re emulating the magi, but pooping in front of baby Jesus did strike me as somewhat sacrilegious, although I doubt that cats have strong opinions about religion.  But then it hit me that the original manger was set in a barn—no room at the inn, right? So there would most likely have been a fair amount of cow plop and goat goodies strewn about, so maybe the kitties’ contribution gives the scene an air of authenticity.  On the other hand, the blinking lights and plastic apples on the tree next to the creche rather detract from that theory.


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