Christmas at the Gym

Japan has a rather strange but wonderful relationship with Christmas. For one thing, it’s not a holiday here, so although we get all the same hype as in the States, normally it’s business as usual on Christmas day. Most celebrating is done on Christmas eve. Kentucky Fried Chicken and strawberry shortcake are the treats of choice. I’ve never figured out why.

But this year, Christmas landed on Sunday so people got silly at the gym. I can understand Santa and Rudolph, and these two are instructors so they can do what they want, but imagine punching and kicking to the rhythms of Frosty the Snowman and Jingle Bells while your classmates include a woman in a maid’s costume, two beefy guys in Chinese dresses and a guy dressed like a chicken. As with KFC, I can’t imagine where the costumes idea came from, although that might explain the chicken costume.

I managed to dig up a red t-shirt and thought that was enough. After all, I was the only foreigner in the class and it was my country that taught the world how to commercialize Christmas.

But then, who am I to make the rules?


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