The job got delayed, but it’s done. The flooring guys have to go last and the ceiling and wall guys were behind schedule, so it was actually fewer working days than expected, which is a good thing. He’s as out of practice with flooring as I am with taking care of the house. I think he’d forgotten about the aching back, sore ankle, glue under the fingernails, etc. But there were no major disasters on either front. We’re back to normal now, or at least to what passes for it.

Things are not so good here. I’d been going through an I-hate-Japan phase, not that I hate my life, which is pretty good, but that everything is so expensive, small, crowded, difficult. It seemed like every day is an uphill struggle just to keep it together and make ends meet. But then I talked to some people and started feeling better. It’s true–misery loves company. One woman said she had to take out a loan to pay her income tax. A guy I’ve known for years and who has also lived here forever said it’s just not as much fun to live in Tokyo as it used to be, for a lot of different reasons. But then a friend pointed out that things are indeed worse than they used to be, but would probably be just as bad anywhere else, which is a good point indeed. So suck it up, Eda. Be a man. Which is exactly what I did.  At the dojo today we were in pairs doing an offense/defense combination and Sensei said, “Stop, stop, stop! Everybody watch Eda-san. She’s doing it right.” Yay!


Any opinions about that? I love to hear from you.

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